Bushiroad Judge Program

Bushiroad Judge Program

As the tournament scene for Bushiroad’s Trading Card Games grows larger worldwide, we are seeking to gather fans who would love to assist in ensuring tournaments are professional and enjoyable. With this, we would like to introduce the Bushiroad Judge Program, for the following Bushiroad Trading Card Games: Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz and Future Card Buddyfight.

The Bushiroad Judge Program aims to improve the quality of our tournaments by gathering judges who not only have an in-depth knowledge about the games and tournament organization but are also willing to assist in providing the best experience for our players.


Anyone who is 18 years old and above, familiar with game rules of any Bushiroad Trading Card Game, willing to learn about organizing tournaments and is passionate about growing the community may apply for the Bushiroad Judge Program.


Interested parties may attempt the online judge test for an evaluation of their knowledge on Bushiroad’s trading card games. Candidates will also be evaluated based on their knowledge of the floor rules and game rulings of the selected game. The test is estimated to be released in the middle of February. More information will be available shortly.

Candidates who have passed the online test will have to undergo a second selection process at a Bushiroad Championship Series location.

Those who successfully pass the second test and short interview will be certified as an official Bushiroad judge.

You may now take part in the online test from the link below (ends February 28th, 2017):

Weiss Schwarz
Cardfight!! Vanguard
Future Card Buddyfight

Only one entry per person for each test.

Updated Feb 17th, 2017 6.30am (Singapore Time): A few errors found in the test questions have been fixed. Entries done before the error was fixed will be moderated accordingly.

Updated Mar 1st, 2017: The test entries are now being marked and passing candidates will be contacted before their interview at the Bushiroad Championship Series 2017 location.

Rewards and Benefits

Official Bushiroad judges will receive an official judge T-shirt/badge and are eligible to judge at any official Bushiroad tournament.*

*Compensation will be provided for any judge/judging appointments at official tournaments. Please check with the tournament organizer for details.

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